May 232012

Every week I go through the local sales ads for Krogers, Meijers, Jungle Jims, and Whole Foods.  I see who has the best sales on the items that we need.  I then go through my coupon box (check out my post here  about my great organizational coupon box!) and match up any coupons that I will be using at the store that week.


I will go to more than one store if necessary.  Jungle Jims is one mile from my home and Krogers is less than one mile!  Meijers is about 3 miles from my house, so unless I can do my entire shopping there or the sales are “just that good” I don’t run there for just one item!  I vary with going to Whole Foods based on their Friday Only Sales.


I try to only spend $30.00 on average at the grocery per week.  This is $120.00 per month spent.  My food budget is $200.00 per month.  Some months I will spend close to the $200.00, other months I am either under or over.  I keep track of our food budget separately, so we always have a “reserve” fund for our groceries.


Click here to print my Food Budget Worksheet!  I add $50.00 a week to the grocery budget, so at the beginning of the week I have an entry of $50.00 and then an entry for how much I spent at each store (sometimes going to three different stores!).  If I do not go to the grocery for the week, then the money will sit there in reserves until it is needed.


I have found that often I will save the “reserve fund” grocery money up until I find a great sale on meat and then spend a hundred or more dollars on meat!  I also do a bulk/case purchase every 3-6 months as needed.  I typically spend around $100.00 here and buy whole bags (25 lb or larger) of beans, flour, and any baking supplies that I need.  I also buy full cases of items we use often such as breakfast bars, butter, peanut butter, and other items from Whole Foods.  Whole Foods gives a 10% case discount on full bags of their bulk items and cases in the store.  I love that I can mix and match different flavors of breakfast bars and still receive a full case discount.


I have been using this method since we switched to natural/organic foods. It has worked extremely well for my family and I recommend the method for everyone.  Unfortunately I got off track with being on 3rd shift, so I feel like I am starting over for the year!  But I know I will have no problem getting back on track!!


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