Apr 252012

Kale is such a nutritious veggie!  It is load with vitamin A and vitamin C and contains calcium and iron. ( Check out the nutritional facts here)  I have only recently decided that I love Kale!  I love putting it in my smoothies!  I love the taste that kale brings to the smoothie!  Click here to see one of my favorite smoothies to make!

One thing I recently I bought way to much Kale!  ( I know it is hard to believe that anyone could ever buy too much Kale!!) But I didn’t want to waste it before it went bad, so I made Kale powder!  Kale powder was super easy to make. ( my neighbor actually did it first and it turned out great so I made my own!) All you need is a dehydrator and kale and you are ready to go!

Kale Powder:

1. Place as much kale in the dehyrator that will fit.  I remove the leaves from the large stems first

2. I set my dehydrator on my lowest setting ( 105 degress!) and  checked the kale every few hours.

3.  The kale will be done once it is crispy and crumbles easily.

4. Remove the Kale from the dehydrator and place in a blender or food processor and process until the kale is a fine powder

Sprinkle Kale powder on top of salads, add a few tablespoons to smoothies, or add to any foods that you like!  I actually sprinkled some on the kids peanut butter sandwiches today and called them green monster flakes and they ate the kale powder like it was going out of style!!  If they only knew what they were eating!!


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