Jan 092012

Last week I posted about freezer inventory sheets.  This week I am going to cover pantry inventory sheets. I have quite a large pantry, in fact I have two pantries. My basement pantry is 6×6 and then I have a small 6 shelf pantry in my kitchen.  I mentioned in my last post about how easy it is to forget what is in your freezers if you are unable to see what is there, and it is just as easy to do the same thing with your pantry.  By keeping a pantry inventory it also helps prevent buying too much of one item!  Just like my freezer inventory sheet, I keep my pantry inventory sheet stored in my home management binder.

Keeping a pantry inventory that is up to date will allow you to never let anything go to waste. I hate wasting food and having food expire!  I am also hating purchasing items at the grocery store that we do not need.

Here are the instructions on how to use the pantry inventory sheets.

First you need to print the sheet here.

Once you have printed the sheet it is very simple to use.  Start by writing the date you took your inventory at the top of the page!  Also if you have more than one pantry, make sure to write down which pantry the inventory sheet goes with. I personally only keep inventory of the large downstairs pantry.  The smaller kitchen pantry is not used for stockpile storage.  (Check out my stockpile posts here!)

Second go through your pantry (this is also a great time to stack and reorganize!!) and write down exactly what you have and how many.  (I use scrap paper for this!)  Once you have made your list, sit down and copy everything onto the pantry inventory sheet that you printed here.

On the line for item, write down what the item is.  Then for every item that you have, you will put a diagonal slash next to the item.  For example if you have 3 cartons of almond milk you will write almond milk on the item line and then put diagonal slashes (  /  ) in 3 of the boxes.

Continue to do this for every item that you have.  Once you have completed this, store your inventory list in a safe place.  Every time you add or subtract something from your pantry, be sure to mark it off or onto the list!

To mark something off of your list, place a diagonal slash the opposite way of the box.  So basically complete the X .  The X means that the item is gone. / means that you have the item!

I personally do not want anyone but myself writing on my sheets.  I leave a sticky note pad by the pantry so if someone besides me takes anything out of the pantry they are able to write down what the item was and how many were removed so I can update my own sheets!

Be sure to print out the other sheets for the home management binder:

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Next week will be more information on Daily Lists!

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