Jun 082011

When I was contacted by a Rep from Ava Anderson Non Toxic about a giveaway for my site I was also asked to do a review of the products! Here is my personal opinion of the Ava Anderson Non Toxic products I was asked to review!


Ava Anderson Sunscreen: When I first squeezed the product out into my hand the consistency was thick and reminded me of the all natural diaper cream that I use. I found the sunscreen to be thicker compared to the normal “water like” sunscreens we have used in the past. I am also used to constantly re-applying other sunscreens.  I found that with the Ava Anderson Sunscreen being on the thicker side a little goes a long way and lasts double the time!

The first day I used this product I used about a dime size amount on each of my boys.  I applied the sunscreen to their arms, shoulders, neck, ears, and face.  We recently cut the baby’s hair and he is a blond, so I also applied what was left on my hands to the top of his head!

Monday was our first day out in the sun with our new sunscreen.  Normally Ian (my 21 month old) is completely red-faced and splotchy from reactions to sunscreen within 15 minutes of having the sunscreen applied and being outside.  With the Ava Anderson Sunscreen Ian never broke out or turned red at all!!!  Bryson (my four-year old) did not burn either.

Tuesday I put the sunscreen to the ultimate test!  I put Ava Anderson Non Toxic Sunscreen on my right shoulder and a store brand sunscreen on my left shoulder.  I recently had shoulder surgery a few months ago so I have the nice little scars that burn easy on my right shoulder.  Normally out in the sun even using a sunscreen  I can tell that my scars burn.  Using the Ava Anderson sunscreen my scars didn’t even turn red. We were outside and in and out of the pool a total of about 3 hours.  At the end of the three hours my right shoulder was not red at all!  My left shoulder, even though it was not burned, was a little red!

I used a chemical filled sunscreen on my left shoulder (yuck!!) and even though I did not burn, I was using a chemical filled sunscreen to keep from burning.  The Ava Anderson Sunscreen was used on my right shoulder and I didn’t even turn red.  This product is safe and free of many harmful chemicals!

Ava Anderson Non Toxic Sunscreen will be the only sunscreen my family will use this summer!!

Hand Sanitizer: I have nothing bad to say about this product either!! It is free of alcohol which makes me feel a ton better when my kids want to “do it themselves!”  The hand sanitizer has a citrus smell and we have been using the product all the time since Monday!  No one has dry hands, which I do find with many of the alcohol based hand sanitizer.  Also, by using the Ava Anderson Hand Sanitizer I am no longer worried about my kids putting their hands in their mouths after using the product!

I am very impressed with both products that I was asked to review!  I personally will recommend these products to anyone!  I can’t wait to try other products from Ava Anderson Non Toxic!

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It is best to contact Shauna directly to place an order.  Shauna is currently offering a $5 discount on orders of $50 or more or free shipping over $100 if you mention Crunchy Savings!  All products can be viewed through Shauna’s website! Shauna can be contacted at:  513-520-2746 or email: NonToxicFamily@gmail.com.

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